Tractel Work at Height Training

Course duration
2 day
Trainer to trainee ratio
1 : 10 (dependent on site facilities)
Course entry criteria
£1,900.00 ex VAT for up to 10 persons
  • This course is intended to provide more detailed information and knowledge for planning, supervising and managing those working at height. This course goes into a lot more detail than the basic work at height course with more time available for discussion and more in depth learning.
  • This syllabus covers health and safety and regulatory requirements, the selecting and planning of staff competency, the selection of the correct work equipment, and knowledge of producing risk assessments and method statements.
Terms and Conditions
Training Courses Brochure
rooftop safety
  • Aims

    • The aim of this course is to ensure that trainees are aware of the legal and best practice requirements when using fall protection equipment and are aware of their responsibilities under the relevant legislation when supervising and managing work at height activities.
    • To equip trainees with detailed theoretical knowledge to effectively identify the main hazards associated with work at height and therefore understand ways to reduce the risks.
  • Objectives

    On completion of this course, the trainees should be able to:

    • Have a good understanding of the legislation and guidance with regards to working at height and fall protection equipment.
    • Recognize the main hazards and risks in connection to work at height.
    • Evaluation of risk assessments
    • Understand the need for a rescue plan.
    • Identify appropriate anchorage points.
    • Perform a pre-use inspection of work at height equipment (harness/lanyard).
    • Recognize mis-use of Equipment and remedy the situation.
  • Topics Covered

    • Legislation & Guidance – (Mainly the Work at height Regulations, but also)
      • Health & safety At Work Act
      • PPE Regs
      • PUWER / LOLER
      • BS:8437
    • ABCDE Of Fall protection
    • Restraint / work positioning / fall arrest (best practice, recognition of mis-use)
      • Harnesses
      • Lanyards
      • Fall arrest blocks
    • Harness Donning & Discard Criteria
    • Rescue provision & ortho-static shock (aka “suspension trauma”)
    • Risk Assessing
  • Certification

    Trainees will be issued with a certificate and photo ID card which shows they are competent working at height - Valid for 2 years.

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