Tractel Work at Height Training

  • All training must be carried out in a safe working environment. Tractel trainers may refuse to deliver the training if the site conditions are not up to the required standard.
  • Courses can be delivered on site or at any suitable pre-arranged location. Certain courses can only be delivered at a dedicated work at height training facility.
  • Some practical, on site training, may require a site visit by the training manager before a course can be delivered.
  • Please call us on 0114 2482266 ext 0 to discuss your site conditions/facilities further. Failure to accurately detail site conditions or facilities may lead to a course being cancelled with no refund being offered.
  • Language Skills

    Candidates must have adequate spoken and written English skills in order to effectively understand the course content and be able to complete the course assessments. If a trainee is unable to complete a course due to a language barrier they will not be successful but will still be charged. We are unable to accept an interpreter.

  • Bookings

    All courses must be booked in advanced with Tractel via 0114 2482266 ext 0.

  • Complaints and appeals

    Tractel has a complaints and appeals procedure. If you wish to raise a complaint or appeal please contact Tractel via 01142482266 ext 0 in the first instance.

  • Non-harassment policy

    Harassment in the work place is unacceptable and, in most cases, unlawful. Both trainees and trainers have the right to engage in the courses without fear of physical and verbal abuse. Both staff and trainees are expected to respect others involved with the course.

  • Payment terms

    Full payment is due before the course commences. If Tractel does offer credit terms, the payment terms are month end plus 30 days.

  • Trainee Numbers

    Tractel reserves the right to postpone courses if the number of trainees is too low. If this is the case, Tractel will offer alternative dates at no charge. Discounts are available for block bookings. Tractel will not run courses will more delegates than the pre-arranged booking without approval from the training manager. This is at the decision of Tractel.

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    All trainees are required to bring safety footwear and hard hats on all courses. Additional PPE requirements will be discussed depending on the course being undertaken. Practical courses will not run if the trainer deems the PPE of trainees to be unsatisfactory. The trainer’s decision is final.

  • Additional Expenses

    In addition to the price of the course additional costs may be payable. These may be an overnight (hotel + food) charge for the instructor charged at £100 ex VAT, mileage of 45p per mile ex VAT, London congestion charge or parking charges. All costs will be communicated prior to course bookings and will be fully itemised.

  • Weather Conditions

    Under the Work at Height Regulations 2005 work at height activities must take account of weather conditions that could compromise worker safety. In the event of inclement weather, practical elements of a course may be postponed at the trainer’s discretion. As this is an unforeseen circumstance, additional charges may apply for the trainer returning to site to complete the practical assessment on another day. This is at the discretion of Tractel. The safety of trainers and trainees is our number one priority.

  • Cancellations

    Cancellation by Customer:

    In the event of a partial or full cancellation of a course by the customer, then the following charges will apply:

    • Up to two weeks prior to the course: new dates will be offered.
    • Less than 5 working days prior to the course: 100% of the course fee is payable.
    • If trainees on the course are replaced: no charge.

    All cancellations must be made via email to Tractel.

    Cancellation by Tractel:

    In the event that Tractel is forced to cancel the training due to unforeseen circumstances, then new course dates will be offered at a time convenient to the customer with no additional charge.

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